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About Gytheio

Welcome in Gythio, a stately town standing centuries over the clear sea of the Laconian Bay.

Cosmopolitan atmosphere, island breezes and a variety of choices in the place called in Greek language the “Earth of Gods”. God Apollo brawled here with Hercules for the magic tripod of Delphi and finally reconciled, giving the place its current name. Gytheio use to be the port of ancient Sparti and soon developed into the foremost export center of Laconia.

To the north of the modern town and up the hill, the ruins of the acropolis witness the existence of the ancient city. At the foot of the hill, the ancient theater lies, where even today, cultural events take place. The ruins of Roman buildings refer to the heyday of Gytheio in Roman times when it belonged to the “League of Free”.

The New Town of Gythio rises amphitheatrically at the eastern foot of the ancient "Larysion Mountain", now called by locals "Akoumaros" or "Koumaros", just above the main port, considered the safest of SE Peloponnese, from where citrus (especially oranges), oil, olives and other derivatives thereof are exported.

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